Half Ton Detained Rwandans In Uganda Charged With Terrorism

April 19, 2023 4:03 pm21 commentsViews: 175

About half ton Rwandans detained at Nalufenya police detention centre in the Jinja District of Uganda have now been charged with terrorism alleged to have been moving with forged documents and IDs which are considered as acts of terrorism.

A total of 45 of them were arrested about two weeks ago in Kikagati in the Isingiro District of the country and thereafter were shifted to Nalufenya for detention.

Isingiro is at the Uganda-Tanzania border.

Addressing to the press the police spokesperson Emilian Kayima said, “Forty-three suspects were arrested on their way out of the country travelling on forged documents and false identities. Two suspects were arrested in Kampala and were some of their collaborators. Later, after questioning, police found that they are culpable of more serious offences than forgery, including terrorism.”

Kayima however dismissed all such claims that the men are Rwandan refugees adding that they were Rwandan nationals and were living in different parts of Uganda after migrating.

The spokesperson added the charges were placed after confirming evidences and personal admissions too.

The delay in their court appearance is due to festive season in the country, mentioned Kayima.

Lawyers of the suspects said their clients are in detention longer than is constitutionally allowed and even without being informed about their alleged crime.

The lawyers added the men were Rwandan refugees from Nakivale settlement camp in Mbarara District and they have their families including children.


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