Hilcorp Energy Gives $100,000 As Bonus To All Employees

April 27, 2023 4:45 pm8 commentsViews: 1261

Hilcorp Energy has announced to give a year-end bonus of $100,000 to all its 1,381 employees calling a positive year in growth.

hilcorp energy

The one of the largest privately held oil and natural gas exploration companies in the US is owned by 56-year-old billionaire Jeffery Hildebrand.

Five years ago the Houston-based company had given two options to its employees for a bonus – either take $35,000 in cash or $50,000 towards a car. He then said to media houses such bonuses are used in motivating the workforce.

This year the company has doubled its output to more than 150,000 barrels a day and hence the bonus too has been doubled, writes Forbes.

Hilcorp receptionist Amanda Thompson said some of the employees are using the bonus to take vacations, remodel homes, pay their children’s college and to retire early too.

Thompson is working for the company for past ten years and said she would simply be keeping the bonus money in the bank and feel comfort to know her account has it for a rainy day.

This year the company was named on the “Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For” list by Fortune.

Before founding the company in 1989 Hildebrand was a petroleum engineer at Exxon.


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