How does quick weight loss methods work? – Drawbacks and Types


If you look on the internet, there are tons of quick weight loss methods available. People often wonder how do these weight loss methods work? or do they even work? the answer is most of them do not really work. People get attracted to these methods because these people use fancy and attractive words to attract people and mislead them.

There is no shortcut to losing weight, there is only one thing that can help you and it is a healthy weight loss plan and this means a balance between healthy lifestyle in terms of exercise and in terms of eating balanced diet. There is no fixed time period in which any of the weight loss methods may provide results, that time it may take in losing weight depends completely upon the effort made by the individual and their particular body factors.

On the internet there are many quick weight loss methods available. You must always keep in mind that if you try to lose weight quickly then that low weight will not be sustained over a long period of time. You must follow a long-term plan for weight loss under the expert supervision of a healthcare professional.


So, how do these fast weight loss methods work actually and what are these methods? The most common methods include very low-calorie diet (VLCD) and low-calorie diet (LCD) as the name suggests these methods focus heavily on cutting down the calorie amount in order to lose weight. We recommend you to always consult an expert before opting any one of these diet plans seriously.

Very Low-Calorie Diet – The most famous method for losing weight quickly is a VLCD method. In this method, there is little to no regular food involved. It suggests only liquid diets. The calorie count as per this diet is limited to daily 801 calories, these diets are highly dangerous if adopted without any medical supervision and must only be chosen in the worst case scenario where the doctor himself has suggested it.

Low-Calorie Diet – This weight loss method is more popular than VLCD diet, the calorie count in this method is limited to 1000-1200 calories for women per day and 1200 to 1600 calories per day for men. In this method normal food is involved and major part of the daily diet program includes meal replacement shakes and other similar products.


Nowadays if you scroll through some fashion tabloids or magazines, you will come across some very famous diets for losing weight fast. Some of them are low calorie diets including 3-day military diet and the m-plan diet. You must keep in mind that we are only informing about these diets and not recommending you to use them as these are not suggested by any of the recognised physicians or dietitians. 

There are some low-calorie diets that are supported and advertised by recognisable brands for example a diet called fast five plus kit is endorsed by Nutrisystem. This diet claims to help you lose 5 pounds in its first week. Apart from Nutrisystem, there are other very famous diets for losing weight fast like South beach diet and Atkins diet which claim to boost your journey in losing weight quickly. 


Now that it is clear that the weight lost by following these tricks will not last in the long term one might wonder why do people still go for this quick weight loss diets. There are two reasons for that.

Quick results – People that are going to search methods to lose weight fast are obviously desperate and to achieve the results quickly is as attractive as it gets. People avoid any long-term thinking and focus on losing weight as of now this may not be the healthiest option but is certainly effective when to comes to short term.

Positive belief – If an individual who is destined to lose weight sees results early on in his journey, he becomes highly motivated to carry on the efforts so that his long-term goal would be achieved. Psychologists believe that when result start showing up early, they are more likely to follow other methods to lose the weight in long-term as it develops more patience in those people.


We have mentioned that there are a lot of drawbacks when we adopt quick weight loss methods in the article. Now it’s time to mention what they are. It is obvious that these low calories or very low-calorie diets must not be used by everyone. There are only suitable when it is recommended by the healthcare professional and for those people who are having serious medical issues. The biggest drawback is once the weight is lost and a person is returned to the normal dieting habits the weight will be gained just as fast.

People are tending to be psychological affected due to this. On the other hand, if more comprehensive long-term plan is developed, the results will surely be slow, but they will be consistent and everlasting. Usually there are teenagers want to look as per their beauty standards adopt this quick weight loss methods and because they are young, their dietary system gets destroyed which leads to long-term diseases.

People often tend to avoid the importance of appropriate exercise along with dietary habits. Proper exercise is very important and people adopting quick weight loss methods totally avoid this, which leads to unsatisfactory results and unhealthy outcome in long term. As mentioned earlier the focus must be completely on living healthy life by following a balanced diet A balance diet comprises of all the necessary nutrients required to stay healthy and if modified appropriately that diet is the best diet for losing weight.

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Ayushman Rajawat