How iPhone 8 Rumors Are Confusing Potential Buyers (Part II)

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How iPhone 8 Rumors Are Confusing Potential Buyers (Part I)

Design differences

The design of iPhone 8 is also being debated largely. It is believed Apple may slim down the bezels to create more room to the screen.

Some even assumes Apple may come up with a curved screen, which is of course for the first time in iPhone. However, in any of the leaks it is not claimed the iPhone 8 will house curved screen. Let’s wait and watch whether Apple to follow Samsung in producing curved screen units.

It is also suggested Apple may increase the screen size of iPhone 8 to either 5.5-inch or 5.8-inch.


Apple is in immense pressure to increase the resolution if the screen size is increased. It is yet to see whether 4K resolution may hit as rumored for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.

If the iDevice giant fails to improve resolution further, it will be disappointing to fans.


Apple always maintains secrecy and this time too the same would be followed. We may not know what is in store unless the company reveals it. So let us wait until the unveiling date.


Apple surely will come up with some new features in its next iPhone as it has been doing for past several years. Whatever, the iPhone 8 will be away above than predecessors and potential buyers would like the device. Share your own views too with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.


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