How Is Naruto As A Teenager? All About His Age!

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This is only the beginning of a long journey with Naruto, but it’s already shaping up to be incredible. So far in this series, we have seen him turn 12-13 years old, and now that he’s reached adulthood at age 19? It just doesn’t seem real!

Naruto was just a normal boy until the moment he became 12 years old. From that point on, everything changed, and it’s not hard to see why!

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More About Naruto

Naruto is a boy who dreams of becoming the Hokage but needs to be stronger. In this episode (194), we see how Naruto got his strength and what challenges await him on the route.

Naruto was a 17-year-old teenager at the end of Part I. He could see Kiba and Akamaru carrying out deliveries for people in his village, which made him happy because it reminded him that not all heroes are gone forever like Sasuke Uchiha did before he disappeared on route to save Orochimaru’s life during last years Shinobi World War. A few scenes show us how much younger Sakura seems when compared Side by Side with current-day NARUTO.

When Naruto and Sasuke go on an adventure to recover the golden statue taken by a group of thieves who stole it from their daimyo’s mother, they come across Sakura, who has been captured. Her captors want everything that is hers because she possesses something more valuable than gold- her skills as both ninja and medic!

The story starts with two brothers: one good (Sasuke) but weak; another bad(Naruto). The third member involved in this wacky trinity sends them out into the Forest Of Death, where there are thousands upon thousands of twisted trees ready for anything – not just a Death Sentence.

After a long argument, Naruto and Sasuke finally decided to work together. They found Kakashi-sensei with their fellow teammates in an abandoned building that was about to collapse on them! Working quickly because of the chains connecting them all together made it tricky, but they still accomplished what needs to be done – saving Sakura from certain capture by these bandit guys.

 The three ninjas honored their mission and left, though not without some advice from Kakashi. He suggested they might be able to fight off the bandits with help from others if needed; otherwise, he thought that Jako would have no choice but break down this statue himself or risk being defeated in battle again soon enough. Naruto and Sasuke were both disappointed that their hands got stuck to each other. Sakura declared the statue would break in the next days, which made them worried since they had no choice but to become “number two” again for 2 or 3 more days until this situation resolved itself. I can’t believe we’re having such bad luck with these objects! We need a break from our routine, so I’m going out today.

Kakashi was shocked by the notion, but he only needed to wait for Naruto’s response before deciding it was fine. This surprised Sakura even more, as Kakashi is usually never one who would give up on someone unless they were told otherwise – especially considering how much faith and loyalty this man has shown to them over time.

Naruto’s age in Naruto series

  • When the Naruto series started, he was about 11 years old.
  • After this series, where Naruto was portrayed as a teenager, he is 12.
  •  In Shippuden’s first week, after two and half years, he is 14-15 years old.
  • At 5 Kage Summit, being a teenager, he was 16 years old. 
  • When the war was going on, Arc was 16-17 years.
  • During Naruto: The Last, he is 19.

He was either 22 or 26 years old while making the thing to Hinata. Boruto is five throughout most of Blank Period, but sometimes he switches back and forth with his six-year younger self, like how it happened when Momoshiki fought him in their last battle before starting this new story.

That makes sense.

Naruto’s Ending: When he became Hokage, he was already 32 years old. Now that Boruto is entering his academy days (at 12), it will be seven more years until this story takes place, meaning there’s been an additional five-and-a-half skip in between.

Naruto till adult

 Naruto has always been a dynamic character. He first appeared in the series as an adolescent, then went through many changes over time, including becoming older than expected at age 13 and 15 before finally settling into adulthood around 19-20 years old with all these other transformations happening alongside each major event that happened throughout his story line. Seventeen years ago, when Naruto was still Hokage, Boruto barely had his nose peeled for the first time.

The FSWW happened 16 long months before that eventful night in Konoha; therefore, we can estimate 33 -16 = 17 as either stated or implied by this passage from episode ten of Next Generations (Boruto). The boy himself would have been around 12 years old, at least during some part of it all.

Himawari is two years younger than her father, so she was born when he was 25 to 27. That means that in both cases, Naruto’s daughter would have been 6 years old if it were true (If his being25 and 27 respectively caused Himawari’s age at 10).

Is Naruto powered as a teenager or a child?

Naruto did not have an easy time in his childhood. He could barely defeat Neji and Gaara, but if he had done so with full force against Sasuke or Lee, it would have been quite a different story altogether.

A lot can change when you’re a child – especially Naruto, who only received the power of Kyuubi’s chakra after defecting from Konoha nine years ago! Even though there were moments when we thought our favorite hero might actually lose something important (like his fingers), everything turned out beautifully nonetheless because how much strength lies within this little ball of fur is truly amazing.

Kid Naruto, without the power of his nine-tailed fox, maybe a stronger-than-average Genin. After training with Jiraiya, he could align himself to Sasuke’s ability (before tomoe’s awakening at Valley Of The End).

How could Sasuke and Naruto, two simple Genin who had just graduated from the Academy, be so powerful? It’s true. Kid Naruto is much more than your average ninja because he has huge amounts of chakra waiting to be unleashed with every step taken in battle! As seen when fighting Zabuza or Haku without their full strength behind them yet still managing victory was not enough for these guys: each time there seemed like all hope would come down on one side (I’m looking at you, Kiba), something extraordinary happened – sudden power boosts made us see another possibility available which turned out great as usual since both now suffered severe injuries.

Naruto was slightly above average as a Genin, but he started to shine when Jiraiya began training him. Before that point in time, there is no way anyone could’ve called Naruto’s skill level Jonin-level since it took so long for him to achieve full mastery with Sage Mode or around this era of our storyline (the early part).

Jiraiya was intent on teaching Naruto how to improve his Rasengan and manage the Kyuubi’s power, and all without raising suspicion from Akatsuki. But it didn’t go according to plan.

Naruto is a very interesting character. In the first book of his stats, he has been listed as having 2 points in Ninjutsu and 1 point each for Taijutsu ( circuitry), Genjutus, and Intelligence. He also carries strong chakra that comes from both Uzumaki heritage and, more importantly, Kurama’s power! When we get to adulthood, however, these differences become quite clear; With increased strength & speed along Side, an additional boost towards Intelligence – making Naruto one tough customer indeed.

Naruto As A Teenager Or Boruto

Naruto was a pro when it came to using his ability. He was able to take down the one tail with ease and 2,000 shadow copies of himself while fighting Orochimaru’s snake and making new techniques to master Ninjutsu.

Boruto is a prodigy when it comes to Taijutsu. His skills in this area are miles ahead of Sasuke’s, who couldn’t even win against Kakashi during their fight at the bells test. The young ninja’s skill withstanding Boruto’s father is nothing short of impressive. He forced him into using a genjutsu and almost caused Kakashi to fight quite severely before being distracted by his son. The latter strategically deployed various Ninjustsu strikes at just the right moment to take out their opponent without too much difficulty.

Kakashi incorporated Shadow replicas, Wind style, and lighting into his fight with Boruto. It was an incredible combo move that amazed many spectators at how Kakashi could have taken away such a young child without being detected. Yes, he did – but not before making him wrestle! A feat no matter more than ever achieved by Kid Sasuke himself.

Boruto is a much stronger character than his predecessor, Naruto. The gap in power and effectiveness between the two is nearly impossible, though, as Boruto’s skills must be seen to truly appreciate their genius level – which will likely never happen due to how revered Sarada was after fighting Kid Buu (even without interference).


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