How My Dad Kept My Dream in Place

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I wish we could see what the future has in store for us!We cannot see,but we can plan it according to the common possibilities.I am 16, not too mature to impart lessons. However, I could not hold myself back on sharing what my family and I had gone through and how we overcame the phase. Continue reading to know what changed our lives.

My father was an engineer in a reputed company, while my mother stayed at home raising my younger sister and me. Soon after the birth of my sister, we moved into our new home for which my dad took a loan. It is enthralling to live in your own home and not someone else’s. Everything was happening according to my father’s plan. He had been planning things since I was born. He is a thoughtful father who can go beyond any limitation to make his family; especially his daughters’ happy. Our days were happier and sunny until something unfortunate struck our lives.

It was our summer vacation,and my father took us to a campsite near Mumbai for a picnic. As soon as we returned, my father started complaining of mild chest pain. He was a healthy man who never complained of any cardiac issue. We had to rush him to the nearby hospital. According to the Cardiologists, although it was the first instance my father had felt the pain, it was not free from complexity. The cardiac issue was due to a valve defect. Doctors advised surgery for the valve’s health. The cost of the surgery was no less,and then there were other expenditures too. Suddenly, our lives came to a standstill. We had innumerable expenses such as home loan EMI, car loan EMI, school fees, and utility billswhich were scary. However,then, something came to our rescue,and that is term insurance. The insurer immediately paid critical illness benefit which was enough to cover our expenses.

My father was in the hospital for days,and he could not resume work immediately. There was a gap of a few months. My father is the only person feeding the family; life would have been unthinkable had there not been the term insurance. I call my father a Hero for having foresighted a situation that can bring any life to still. This amount acted as an income replacement at the time when my dad was recovering at a hospital.

No one wants to think about their death. However, it is the reality of life for which planning is extremely important.My father has recovered now and has been fulfilling my dream of sending me to a reputed Medical college. The term plan that my father opted for was a rider plan where one gets thebenefit of hospitalisation and monthly cash flow. It protects your savings from flowing out. The help we received from this plan was unexpected.

How Term Insurance Helped Us

The earning member of our family was in the hospital. We had to pay for the mounting hospital bills and other expenditure. I felt helpless because I could not offer any financial support. For the first few days, we paid from our pocket. As soon as we learnt about the term cover for critical illness, that was the end of tour misery. It took care of our monthly expenses and ensured we lead a normal life even during my father’s hospitalisation. As we were financially stress-free, we could take better care of my father. Stress-free hospitalization is the main ingredient to a faster recovery.

Not just that, I started to assume that I had to give up my studies and start earning. My father’s future planning did not let this happen.

Planning makes your life easier. I have learned this from my father and wanted to share this with the world.It can be an inspiration to many professionals who are the earners in the family and have dependents.

Plan the Future

The insurance has tax benefit too. With tax and critical illness benefits, one can never go wrong with Term Insurance plans. Although lightning struck us, our mundane activities did not stop. My father did not want anything to change if he is not around or he is not able to help us financially. There is not just one policy. There are many. It is wise to opt for term insurance comparison tool or check with various insurance providers. What have you decided for your dependents?


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