How to Choose Right Pacifier for an Infant and Toddler

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At some point in their young lives most babies have a pacifier. Hospital nurseries often offer a pacifer to newborns unless asked not to do so by a parent, and some infants enjoy the pacifier so much they continue to use it as a soother at home. Recently, parents are encouraged to offer their child a pacifier as a newborn by the American Academy of Pediatrics because their use has been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS.

There are a variety to choose from when parents shop for pacifiers for their infants and the soothers can vary is shape, style and size. When choosing a pacifier parents should consider safety and also keep in mind that not all infants will enjoy sucking on the same type of pacifer.

Look at Sizes

Pacifiers vary in size because an infant’s mouth is smaller than a toddler’s mouth and a smaller nipple is needed. When selecting a pacifier, parents should look at the packaging to make sure that they are buying the right size for their child’s age.

Buy One Piece Pacifiers

Pacifiers with handles that have hinges or nipples that are strongly secured to the pacifiers base pose choking hazards for infants and should be avoided. Buying one piece pacifiers or at least ones that are securely attached is best.

Choose a BPA Free Brand

BPA is a potentially harmful chemical that has recently made news because of its use in plastic products commonly used in household. BPA has been found in items such as clear plastic baby bottles, sippy cups, and even in some pacifiers. Parents should do some research to make sure that they choose a BPA free pacifier for their child. There are a number currently on the market.

Do Not Buy Many of One Kind at First

Babies can be picky about the type of pacifier they prefer. Some like the rounded original type while others prefer the more flattened nipple of an orthodontic type. Finding the right pacifier for baby can be a game of trial and error and parents can save money by waiting until they find their child’s favorite before stocking up.


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