How to Choose The Right Law School For You

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The law school admissions process becomes very difficult because prospective students deal with an array of issues. The LSAT, your grade point average (GPA), and personal statements top students “to do lists.” As you fill out your application for the LSAT, you will have to indicate which law schools are going to be receiving test results. As you leaf through several pages of catalogs and schedule interview after interview, you will notice that choosing the right law school is a fundamentally different process than picking the right college.

How to Choose The Right Law School For You

Picking The Right Law School

You will find that the subjects covered or offered in one school are pretty much identical to those taught in any other. Also, each law school has a different reputation for its particular curriculum. Therefore, it is important that you think about what classes will be most important for you. Are you going into law school with an interest in environmental law or do you want to learn immigration? Who is teaching those courses and what are their reputations?

Investigate Your Law Schools

Essentially, there is only one way for you to learn whether a law school is right for you. You need to investigate each and every one you will potentially apply to! Where do you start? How do you investigate law schools? Well, it’s simple. Go to the campus, take a walk around campus, talk to students there about their experience, and speak with faculty members. You can also learn a lot about a law school by finding out more information about their alumni roster. Did Justice Scalia go to your law school? Did Bill Clinton attend? Any local judges attend? What is the percentage of law firms in your local area that hire from that particular law school? For example, Los Angeles may show a trend of big law firms hiring students from Loyola Law School or UCLA School of Law. Investigate and research! It is key!

If you are lucky enough to be accepted, you will be spending the next three or four years in the halls of the law school you attend. Thus, you owe it to yourself to make sure you will feel welcomed, comfortable, challenged, and excited in your brand new environment. Visit the schools to observe the real characteristics of a law school, its traits that are not evident in an interview or a school tour. These schools are businesses and they will try hard to sell themselves to you. So, it is your job as a prospect to make sure you diligently investigate, like a detective, each law school in order to find the right pick.


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