How To Motivate Employees In Tough Economy

April 19, 2023 5:19 pm28 commentsViews: 490

Motivating employees can be a huge task, but motivating employees in a tough economy is an even bigger challenge. A brutal financial climate coupled with salary freezes and budget cuts doesn’t have to result in low morale. Here are four tips to help keep employees motivated.

Providing Feedback

In a down economy, employees are working hard, and often times reaping a smaller reward. As human resource budgets are cut, bonuses and other monetary awards dwindle, but managers can keep morale up by providing feedback and letting their team members know how valued they are. Managers should also keep conversations positive to help foster a pleasant workplace atmosphere. An enthusiastic manager who doesn’t skimp on the praise can go a long way to increasing employee morale.

Discovering what Motivates Each Person

Employee motivations vary by employee. Managers should take the time to get to know their employees and be aware of the motivators and de-motivators for each person. Some employees are motivated by continuous feedback, others are motivated by working on challenging projects, and others may be motivated by receiving autonomy in their work. Tailoring the motivational technique to best fit the employee is the best approach.

Conducting Training

Managers may not be in a position to give their employees a raise, but giving them an opportunity to increase their skill set and become more marketable can be a good alternative. Managers can poll their employees, ask them what they wish to learn about, and partner with their Human Resources Department to provide training. Whether it’s a training session on manipulating data in Excel or tips on presentation skills, employees can benefit from the time spent in a training class.

A training session is also a good team building activity and can boost morale by virtue of the time spent taking a break away from the routine of everyday work. If the manager is having a hard time getting buy-in for a training session from his or her boss, perhaps an optional lunch-time training session with pizza can be an inexpensive way of accomplishing this task.

Keeping a Positive Attitude

Managers set the tone for the environment of their team. If they have a negative attitude, it is likely to affect morale. By the same token, a positive attitude can enhance morale by creating a more pleasant work environment.

Higher morale is linked to increased productivity, which leads to better results. Managers that take the time to ensure their employees are motivated are ultimately helping the company succeed. Even in a tough financial climate, managers can improve the morale of their team by providing feedback, discovering what motivates each person, conducting training and keeping a positive attitude.


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