How to Plan the Perfect Honeymoon on a Budget

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Organizing the perfect wedding costs not just time, but a great deal of money too. This can make organizing the perfect honeymoon quite difficult, especially when the new bride and groom had planned to travel abroad. However, there are a number of ways to have a great honeymoon which is affordable and will not break the newlyweds’ budget.

Decide Upon a Honeymoon Budget

The first thing for the newlyweds to do is determine a budget for their honeymoon and agree not to exceed it. In many cases, the early stages of marriage will require a high amount of expenditure; for example, when buying a house. Therefore, it may be prudent to set an affordable budget for the honeymoon, bearing in mind that any money left over can go towards establishing a strong foundation for married life.

The newly married couple should remember to factor any additional expenditure into the budget, such as spending money and costs for tours or days out.

Choose a Suitable Honeymoon Destination

A honeymoon destination does not have to be tropical beaches, or pacific islands. It is possible to have a thoroughly enjoyable honeymoon by going to an alternative destination.

The couple should scour the internet and any travel books available to decide upon a suitable destination which may be cheaper than popular locations. It is not a requirement of a honeymoon to go abroad; there are bound to be some ideal destinations closer to home.

Speak to Travel Agents

It is advisable for the newlyweds to talk and liaise closely with their local travel agent, in order to enquire about their chosen destination and find out amenities and places to visit in the vicinity.

A travel agent may also be able to offer a good deal, thus providing substantial cost savings and allowing the honeymoon to become even more affordable.

Travel Off-Season to Get a Cheaper Deal

Many holiday destinations have on and off-season times. During on-season periods, flights, accommodation and other expenses can be much higher than off-season.

If possible, the couple should seek to travel to their chosen destination during an off-season time; remembering that many places to visit in the vicinity may be closed or have limited opening times.

Off-season times are as follows:

Europe: November to March;
Caribbean: April to December;
Central and South America: Rainy seasons (these vary from place to place).

Attempt to Secure an All-Inclusive Deal

Many resorts offer all-inclusive packages, so that there is little or no additional expenditure for food, accommodation or even flights. The couple should browse these deals to secure the best package possible.

These packages are beneficial in that they provide a great holiday for a single price. The couple have cost certainty, and can rest assured that their budget will not be broken.

A post-wedding holiday doesn’t have to be expensive. To make the honeymoon more budget-friendly, look at destinations closer to home, talk to a travel agent, travel off-season for better holiday deals or try to get an all-inclusive honeymoon package.


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