How to Promote Fiction eBook

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With the introduction of such electronic devices as the Kindle, many readers are turning to the eBook market for their latest read. But despite the growing popularity, it is often difficult for authors being published in eBook format to find fun and effective ways to promote their literature. Since book stores and book signing events are not an option for the eBook writer, they will need to turn to the internet for most of their publicity. Luckily, there are many promotional opportunities online for the eBook author.

Start a Writing Blog

Networking through blogs is a great way for the eBook writer to spread the news about their latest novel, especially if the company provides them with a small number of free downloads of the novel to give away.

Websites such as offer free accounts and have tons of great features that even the novice blogger can learn to use. Authors will need to follow and link other writing blogs that are similar to their fiction genre (and also leave comments on these blogger’s own posts). It is a good idea to include both published and unpublished writers and to provide links to helpful websites run by literary agents and editors.

The successful blogger will need to post two or three times a week, so it’s best to brainstorm many post ideas at once, write them, and schedule them on the blogger account. Writers will need to check the posts for comments so they can return the favor and should also keep an eye out for comments that are spam.

Order Promotional Materials

If the eBook company gives the author the right to use the book’s cover art for promotional materials, then they may want to consider investing in such items as bookmarks, magnets, and postcards. Some eBook publishers have company connections that allow them offer their authors special deals on such materials. Other places will leave it up to the writer to locate a company to print the images (usually in a bulk order of no less than 25).

Authors who invest in the bookmarks might ask permission to leave them at local libraries and possibly bookstores. They can give away some of the promotional materials on their blog. And if they run a personal business (such as an eBay or an Etsy shop), they might consider sending a magnet or bookmark as a free gift with shop each order.

Make a Book Trailer

Book trailers are becoming a trend in the writing world and even some very successful authors are investing in this form of promotion. The small time author can make a book trailer using such technology as a Windows Movie Maker.

Much like a movie trailer, the typical book trailer is two to three minutes long and attempts to summarize the novel in a way that peaks the reader’s curiosity. In order to save time, authors typically use copyright free images to depict scenes and characters.

Also, to make the book trailer as professional as possible, authors might consider investing in a royalty free music CD. There are many such albums available that feature everything from romantic piano music, to action and horror tunes.


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