Hurricane Matthew To Hit Jamaica With Strongest Winds In Modern History

April 15, 2023 11:02 pm16 commentsViews: 277

Hurricane Matthew crossed Caribbean Friday turning into a powerful Category 5 and forecasters say it could have pounding effect in Jamaica within next few days.


According to United States National Hurricane Center the hurricane is strongest since Felix in 2007 in the Atlantic.

It is projected the hurricane to reach Jamaica on Monday. The first effects may be felt on Saturday.

National Meteorological Service director Evan Thompson said, “We do consider it serious… We are all on high alert.”

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness has called for emergency Parliamentary meeting to discuss about the preparations for the Matthew, which is being seen as threatening and to come with wind speeds of about 160 mph.

People have started collecting and buying emergency supplies such as candles, bread and tin stuff.

Matthew is said to be even more powerful than the Hurricane Gilbert that hit Jamaica in September 1988. It was one of the most destructive storms in the modern history of Jamaica.

US national Hurrican Center in Miami said, “Hurricane Matthew could rival or possibly exceed Gilbert if the core of the strongest winds does actually move over Jamaica.”


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