Hurricane Michael was massively powerful and unexpected

October 11, 2018 11:54 pm57 commentsViews: 37

Half dozen people were killed in Hurricane Michael that such damaged as if a bomb dropped, a short assault. Air Force base was not spared too and 600 families were evacuated. The storm suddenly intensified. It is one of the four most powerful hurricanes in the United States.

On Thursday Hurricane Michael was downgraded to a tropical storm while it moved towards northeast through Georgia and the Carolinas before turning into the Atlantic Ocean.

The worst hit was Tiny Mexico Beach town in Florida. Video footage shows everything has been smashed including power lines strewn in the streets and boats piled up. The speed of Michael was 155 mph, just 1 mph short from being categorized as a Category 5 storm.

Virginia, Carolinas, Georgia and Alabama have been declared as states of emergency with power cut for hundreds of thousands of residents and roads blocked by massive trees. The mobile phone connectivity was out too.

Virginia cities faced power outages and flooding. By Thursday evening about 145,000 people were without electricity, said state’s Department of Emergency Management.

Florida Department of Transportation worker Curtis Locus said, “This was a community in the middle of the forest. Now the forest is gone, and so is the community… It’s a beautiful place. . . . This is Party Town, USA. Now it’s Devastated Town, USA. Everything along the coastline was devastated like a war zone.”

The power of Hurricane Michael was unexpected the night before it made landfall. It destroyed buildings parking lot, overturned RVs and trucks, overturned a F-15 fighter jet and damaged almost everything.


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