Illness in Pet Birds Related to Housing

April 20, 2023 5:27 pm19 commentsViews: 159

Lead poisoning can be fatal in birds and is most often a result of owners being unaware of this potential threat when setting up a bird cage and buying toys, perches and accessories. Hardware cloth in homemade cages, attachment pieces for perches and some chains included with toys contain lead. Symptoms of lead poisoning are weakness, inability to perch, and vomiting. It can be treated if caught early.

Zinc poisoning has similar symptoms as lead poisoning in birds. Zinc is found in powder coated metals, galvanized metals and some coins. A conscientious bird owner should remove all suspect hardware from the bird’s reach and replace it with stainless steel. Again, if caught early, zinc poisoning can be treated at the veterinarian’s office.

Teflon fumes can be very dangerous and immediately fatal to birds. Teflon that is overheated can give off a gas that can cause immediate death in birds. Birds that are only mildly exposed to hot teflon fumes can be taken outside to fresh air, but more often than not, birds immediately succumb to death upon exposure.

There are several diseases and viruses that can be transmitted among birds and some can be transmitted to people. Any bird that shows signs of illness, unthriftiness or other abnormal signs should be thoroughly examined by an avian practitioner. Learning to identify illness in pet birds can help with a speedy recovery and ensure many years of enjoyable bird ownership.


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