Index Launches with New Seasons Market to Provide End-to-End Security and an Enhanced Customer Experience


Index, a leading retail software company that brings the personalization and measurement of online commerce to the offline world, announced today that it is deploying across all New Seasons Market (NSM) stores to deliver end-to-end security and personalized customer experiences.

A leading natural foods grocer in the Pacific Northwest, New Seasons Market operates 15 stores in the PortlandVancouver area and recently acquired Santa Cruz-based New Leaf Community Markets, with eight locations in California’s Central Coast region.

The collaboration with Index provides NSM with a real-time understanding of customer behavior while helping to deliver relevant product recommendations and shopping experiences that savvy consumers now expect both online and offline.

“Index not only helps us implement industry-leading security for our customers’ data, but also helps us deliver personalized shopping experiences,” says Wendy Collie, New Seasons Market’s CEO. “What we are most excited about is that Index delivers incredible value to our customers without the time and cost-intensive need to replace existing systems. Our customers are very important to us and we always look for new ideas to enhance their shopping experience with us.”

Index integrates directly with NSM’s existing PIN pads, improving NSM’s security and helping to tailor the checkout experience for each customer. Index’s Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) protects payment card data from the moment a card is swiped, ensuring complete end-to-end security and providing a range of value-add services. Index will also help NSM to support EMV, the global smartcard security standard that is rolling out in the US next year.

In addition, Index enables New Seasons Market to dynamically update PIN pad content through a simple web interface that enhances and personalizes the checkout experience. For instance, it will enable customers to optionally receive emailed receipts instead of paper copies. Index provides an opt-in on the PIN pad for those shoppers.

Index has integrated directly with NSM’s existing technologies, from point-of-sale platform, Toshiba SurePOS, to PIN pads, Verifone MX 915 and MX 925, and serves as a certified gateway to NSM’s chosen payment processor, First Data. By teaming up with NSM’s industry leading partners, Index adds new value alongside existing solutions.

“There’s a scientific-approach to improving the grocery shopping experience. Online retailers test, learn and constantly improve customer experiences and we’re excited to empower brick-and-mortar leaders like New Seasons Market with that same capability,” says Index Co-founder and CEO Marc Freed-Finnegan. “Index provides a layered approach to security to ensure the highest level of protection for New Seasons Market customers. A good customer experience starts with security,” adds Index Co-founder Jonathan Wall.

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Ken Wells