India and China tensions flared in Ladakh

January 24, 2023 6:43 am10 commentsViews: 154

Once again, after about a year, the border tensions between India and China flared up Wednesday. Troops of both the sides were involved in a face-off in Ladakh.

India and China tensions flared in Ladakh

It is learned the incident happened in the morning of September 11 when an Indian Army patrol was moving towards the northern bank of Pangong lake. The Chinese troops objected as many areas of the lake are disputed.

According to a senior Army officer, the Indian Army was within the Indian territory and so stood their ground.

Later, both the sides returned to their bases after delegation-level talks led by brigadier-rank officers.

The Army said, “Such incidents often take place due to differing perceptions of where the Line of Actual Control (LAC) actually lies… they are usually resolved through broder personnel meetings, flag meetings and the like.”

In July 2018 too such instance of confrontation had taken place in Burtse in northern Ladakh following a temporary hut built by the Chinese troops.

The Pangon Tso lake is 134 km long, from Tibet to Ladakh, and China controls two-thirds of it.

Meanwhile, the Indian Army will be holding Him Vijay exercise in Arunachal Pradesh and the time is to coincide with the expected visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping for the second informal summit with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The first was held in April 2018 at Wuhan.

China has not been informed about the exercise in Arunachal Pradesh as it will be held away from the international border.


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