India Stands Hours At ATMs To Get Cash After Ban Of Two Denominations

March 17, 2023 10:16 pm1 commentViews: 242

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed to the nation amid two biggest currency notes surprise ban that has crippled business at stores and markets across the country.


He said while delivering a speech at a groundbreaking ceremony for a new airport in Goa state, “My fellow citizens, I left my home, my family, all that I left for my country.”

The state is known for beautiful beaches and local elections will be held in coming months. Critics say Modi is using the anticorruption move for political gain.

Thundering with a rhetorical question the PM asked didn’t the country voted for him to abolish corruption.

The latest currency ban move is claimed by his government to be fighting against corruption.

Meanwhile, leaders of opposition parties have criticized the move of Modi saying poor Indians are struggling to get new currency from banks and ATM machines as people in hundreds and thousands have flooded out to get cash.

Most of the ATMs across the country are not working properly and many of the machines are still waiting for the refilling of notes.

India has about 200,000 ATMs.

The PM has appealed to the people to bear the inconvenience as it will make the country free of black money.

Black money is those for which taxes have not been paid.

Modi also asked the nation in his Sunday’s speech for fifty days of forbearance for a transition to new bills of 500 and 2,000 rupees.


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