Ireland-Based CRH Cement Manufacturer To Set Cement Manufacturing Factory In Tanzania

January 21, 2023 6:26 pm70 commentsViews: 406

Irish cement manufacturer CRH Plc has networ in thirty-two countries but this is the first time it is entering African continent through Tanzania, the country where demand for construction materials is to rise steeply due to several upcoming projects by the government.

Pendo Gondwe, manager of the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) Communications, said Wednesday some of the top delegates of CRH visited their office in Dar es Salaam to discuss interest in setting up a cement manufacturer plant in the country, which will be the first in Africa.

She added, “CRH subsidiary companies employ over 85,000 people in around 3,600 locations around the world and generated sales of euros 27.6 billion in 2017, according to details available on the company’s website.”

As of now no land has been alloted to the Ireland-based world’s leading cement manufacturer, but it is said further details will be briefed soon to the media on it.

Gondwe continued saying that CRH Group Strategy & Development executive Jonethan Feldchuh led the delegation and Geoffrey Mwambe, the TIC executive director, led the Tanzanian group.

Presently the leading cement producer in Africa is Dangole Cement and it operates in ten countries. The company has production capacity of 45.8 million tonnes per anum.


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