Is a chinchilla the right pet for you

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Chinchillas might not make the best pets for everyone, and that’s what this article will try to highlight. If you are considering getting or adopting a new one, you may have to consider several aspects before making your final call. Check them out below.

Chinchillas are crepuscular

Much like other types of now domesticated animals ranging from spotted hyenas to rabbits and guinea pigs, chinchillas are crepuscular. That does not mean that they are nocturnal, like gerbils, for instance. In fact, the moments in a day when a chinchilla is particularly active are at dusk and dawn.

This particularity needs to be considered because if you are looking for a pet that you can interact with during the day, a chinchilla might remain somewhat unresponsive to your attempts at being social.

What does a chinchilla eat?

In the wild, these animals consume anything from small insects to fruit and seeds. However, this type of diet might be inappropriate for domesticated chinchillas. A diet composed of seeds and nuts alone can have negative outcomes, and can even lead to serious digestive disorders, many of which end in death.

Chinchillas should be fed a mix of hay and receive an addition of seedless fruit (aside from cabbage and other such vegetables that can create an excess of gas in the pet’s gut) once in a while.

Climate requirements and habitat specifics

One of the most challenging things about taking care of a chinchilla is keeping its living temperature optimal. Since the origin of the animal is South America, chinchillas must not be kept in environments where the temperature is above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Otherwise, they might become the victims of heat strokes.

The cage of the chinchilla needs to be wide and tall enough so as to provide the pet with more than enough room to remain comfortable. While few people might not be aware of it, the fact of the matter is that chinchillas can get bored, so you need to add several entertainment items to their environment.

Chinchilla wheels can be the natural option, but finding a good one can be particularly challenging. You have to make sure that it works for the size of your pet as a wheel designed for hamsters or gerbils might be entirely inappropriate because of its dimensions. Besides, this animal species can be more or less sensitive to various things, and so the wheel shouldn’t have any flimsy parts where the pet can get his or her toes stuck.

Why you shouldn’t keep chinchillas as pets

From all of the rodents you can choose from if you’re looking for a new pet, you need to know that a chinchilla makes one of the least sociable ones. While there are very few cases where a chinchilla can turn violent, much unlike untrained pet rats, for instance, it doesn’t take easily to interacting with humans. So, if you really are searching for a type of pet that can communicate with you, you might be better off with a cat or a dog.


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