Is It Possible To Get A Loan With No Credit?

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If you do not have any sort of credit history getting a loan can be a difficult task. A person that does not have a credit history because maybe he has not had any business with credit bureaus or they have so little information about the person or his financial consistency so that they can provide him with credit score is less likely to get a loan at reasonable terms.

This problem is very common as in the United States there are about 26 million people that do not have any sort of credit history with a major credit bureau. In general, young people tend to lack in their credit score because they have not started making payments or borrowing money from any of the credit agencies. It is not only the young people who do not have a credit score, there are many people who have not an encounter with the bureaus in order to have a credit rating and they can get in difficulty because the interest charged by no-check loan providers are really high and unreasonable because they know the borrower does not have any other option but to pay the charges.

The problem with getting a loan without a credit score is that you may find an institution that is ready to provide you with a loan but the overall cost that you may bear over the principal amount may be too high. If it is possible in your case, we recommend you to develop a credit score first before applying for a loan.

You can also get a co-signer and that co-signer must have a sound credit score. Getting a co-signer can increase your chances of getting a loan at appropriate terms.

Is it possible to get a loan without credit?

Yes, it is completely possible to get a loan without a credit score. There are some institutions that provide such loans but keep in mind that the interest cost you will be born will be really high when compared to a regular loan taken by someone who has a sound credit score.

Loans with no-credit-check

As mentioned above there are few lenders who provide loans without checking any of the credit histories. There are certain settlements where you can get this type of loan, for example, many car dealers can offer you a deal where you buy a car and you get a loan from the same company but the reality is you will have to pay an amount which is too high from the principal amount.

Payday alternative loans

if you think that the requirement of cash is a short term of the small amount of money then you can all also go for payday alternative loans, these were provided by the federal credit union registered institutions and are very flexible and require no credit history.

Loans from Federal housing administration

Just like loans with no credit check if you want to get a loan to buy a house, we can always go for a mortgage-backed by the federal housing administration. This situation will not turn you down and not give you just because you do not have a credit history but yes there are certain other formalities that you will have to fulfill like making them certain that you have a sound financial knowledge and are financially consistent.


If any of the above-mentioned methods not attract you and not fulfill your needs an alternative then you can try in order to get a normal loan.

Secured credit card

You can always apply for a secured credit card where you deposit some money initially. The issuer will then provide you with a credit limit which will be according to the deposit made by you initially. After a few regular and on-time payments you would have developed a credit history with any major credit bureau which will help you a great deal in getting a loan.

Getting a co-signer

As mentioned above, if you do not qualify for a loan yourself and you need a loan immediately then you can always get a co-signer who has a very sound financial condition and credit score who will help you to get the loan by signing it for you.

Credit builder loan

For people that are the same position as you, many financial institutions provide a loan called credit builder loan where the loans are structured in a way in order to help you develop a credit history as soon as possible. You deposit an initial amount in a savings account and the installments are paid if they are time you have a great credit score in the end.


The final thing that you can do is wait to build credit. To do this the first thing you will need is to take up a few credits no matter what kind, but make sure to be consistent with your timely payments and this will help you to develop a credit score before you can get a loan at reasonable terms.

Keep in mind that a single rental payment which is on time can contribute to credit history and improve it to a great extent and it can also decrease it if the payments are not timely.

What now?

Now you have to access your situation and make a choice if you want a loan right now and do not have time to go for any other options, you need to be mindful of the fact that the loans provided by these institutions will have very high-interest rates which will cost you way more than a person who takes a loan at regular terms.

We recommend you to build a credit score first and then go for the loan. You can ask anyone from your family to become a co-signer if you think that you will not be able to do any of the other things because it will highly increase your chance of getting a loan at terms which are highly compatible.


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