Is Maduro seeking safe exit from Venezuela

April 22, 2023 3:19 am38 commentsViews: 224

Colombian leader Ivan Duque said Tuesday Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is not feeling safe in the country and could take the safe exit before army ousts him.

The president’s hold on power is being threatened for months by self-declared leader Juan Guaido with the support of United States and about fifty more nations including several Latin America countries.

Two rounds of talks between representatives of both the leaders took place in Barbados and third round is scheduled to begin this week, but Guaido pledges not to return to negotiating table until Maduro is willing to hold early presidential elections.

Referring to Maduro’s family and inner circle Duque said, “They no longer have the idea that they will have safe haven somewhere else in the world.”

He adds Maduro is facing immense pressure and a moment will come when his military will break calling him to step down.

It is alleged the socialist regime of Maduro has brought the country’s economy to the knees. Medicine, food and power shortages have become a common phenomenon lately in Venezuela.

In a bid to depose Maduro the opposition leader rallied army officers on April 30 but top brass of the government foiled the attempt.

Duque said, “Some people say it was a failure, I consider it was an additional step to the end of the dictatorship.”


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