ISIS Bombs A Checkpoint In Syria; 42 Killed

March 19, 2023 3:57 am6 commentsViews: 341

Over forty people were killed Friday in a Syrian village after a car bomb blasted at a security checkpoint controlled by rebels backed by Turkey and fighting under the Free Syrian Army (FSA) banner.

A day before the rebels had driven Islamic State from three towns including al-Bab following weeks of street fighting. This was the last stronghold of the jihadist group in the area.

Islamic State has claimed responsibility of the attack.

The Britain-based war monitor, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said 42 people were killed in the attack in the village of Sousian, which is about five miles northwest of al-Bab.

The high civilian casualties was due to many families gathered at the checkpoint to get back to al-Bab, where a mine bomb killed several Turkey-backed rebels a day before while clearing the town of unexploded ordnance following the retreat of the ISIS.

A rebel fighter said, “There are still lots of cells inside Bab. It is very dangerous. Our search and clear operation is still underway.”

Following the regain of al-Bab territory, the Turkish forces is also learned to have shelled the ISIS militants in the Tadef neighboring town.

The Syrian army controls south of Tadef.


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