Israel To Block Tweets Published In Other Countries

March 16, 2023 2:32 pm9 commentsViews: 118

Israel has cracked down on Twitter and is said to be blocking tweets published in other countries.

Blogger Richard Silverstein revealed on his website Twitter had contacted him following complaints from Israeli Attorney’s Office (AG) about his tweet that was published on May 18.

He said Twitter’s correspondence claimed his tweet violated Israeli law and he should voluntarily remove it from his account.

Israel To Block Tweets Published In Other Countries

The questionable tweet contained name of Israeli Judge Shamai Becker who had been accused of either raping his daughter or fondling her breasts. As Israel prevents identification of judge, the blogger decided to publish the name from US soil.

Silversteirn’s tweet read, “Judge Shamai Becker is suspected of sexually molesting his daughter. A gag order prevents his identification.”

The blogger said he feels the Israelis must know who has been accused of such serious crime.

Silverstein refused to remove the tweet and later received a mail from the social giant informing his tweet is blocked from viewing of Israeli users.

The tweet is still available non-Israeli IP address.

The blogger argues at least three Israeli blogs have identified the judge by name and those sites are still up and running.

He added his tweet didn’t violate laws in the US.

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