Italy’s Earthquake Victims In Need Of Food, Shelter

March 16, 2023 8:45 pm8 commentsViews: 542

At least 2,000 earthquake victims in Italy desperately are in need of food and shelter. They are currently taking refuge in makeshift camps.

Italy's Earthquake Victims In Need Of Food, Shelter

A massive 6.1-magnitude powerful earthquake struck Italy earlier this week and killed more than 28 people, flattening entire villages. The hardest hit town was Amatrice where many buildings had collapsed and people in hundreds died. Even buildings of 14th century were crumbled.

Temporary makeshift Camps have been set up in affected areas and it is officially learned 2,100 people are taking shelter in those. More camps are said to be built up to accommodate more people.

TV footage showed people, including elderly, lining up for pasta in Amatrice camp.

One of the victims said, “There is no hope, too many people dead. And Amatrice doesn’t exist anymore. Amatrice has disappeared, and there are so many dead, so many children.”

Officials said their teams are trying to relocate people out of the camps to better places and better camps as the weather is freezing and people cannot live in camps for long. They should be either shifted to hotels or to their relatives.

Share your views how Italy will cope up in re-building the damaged villages and towns with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box. Also, write whether hotels will be better or some government housing should be used in giving proper shelter to the victims.


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