Japan Gets Snowfall After 54 Years, Temperature 1 Degree Fahrenheit In Nakashibetsu

March 18, 2023 1:14 am1 commentViews: 694

After more than fifty years people in Japan have experienced snowfall in the capital Tokyo and some of the surrounding areas.


Snowfall was also seen in some of the major eastern cities of the country including Yokohama.

The snow started falling at around 6:15 a.m. Thursday morning and Koyodo news agency reports it is forty days earlier than normal.

The weather department started collecting data in 1875 and since then such snowfall has never been seen on the ground in Tokyo in November.

Though only small accumulation of snowfall was seen in the capital but it was enough to disrupt traffic and the demand for electricity was accelerated by about 95 percent.

According to police more than nine people were injured in the capital and surrounding prefectures including a one-year-old girl who fell into a drainage ditch outside her house while other members of her family were removing snow in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi.

Some of the rail services were suspended as snow-laden tree branches covered the tracks and delays were also seen in the subway systems in the capital.

Temperatures dropped to as low as 1 degree Fahrenheit in Nakashibetsu, Hokkaido. People in Tokyo’s Edogawa Ward experienced 33 degrees Fahrenheit.


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