July 29 windows 10 will be launched

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Microsoft will release the much-hyped new Windows10 operating system in the world on July 29.

It said that it is free for those who used genuine version of windows 7, Windows8 or 8.1. They can free to upgrade the new system.

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s vision to provide more personalized computing, Microsoft executive vice president Terry Myerson said. “Enhanced protection equipment, as well as more convenient way interaction of personal information, such as are contained between the voice, touch, and handwriting and holographic in its more flexible mobility.”

After Microsoft has urged Windows8, create a new Windows 8.1 and received critics and worse than expected comments from around the world.

By providing a free upgrade to Windows10, the company seeks to maintain its systems as the dominant platform operators by retaining a reputation and establish a more compatibility between their mobile devices and the Xbox video game series platform environment.

Microsoft said the free upgrades are only available to individual users. Those who use Windows7, 8 or 8.1 Enterprise Edition as well as Windows RT or RT 8.1 are not allowed to free upgrade.

Those who use illegal version of Windows can also upgrade to the new version as the company said. But the upgrade does not mean that they will become a real operating system version or a genuine one, it said. In windows 10 Microsoft emphasized that it has been focused on improving user convenience.

The new Windows will again have a “Start” button. In Windows8 and 8.1 versions this start button was disappeared, and drew the biggest complaint from users. Windows 10 includes a program called intelligent speech recognition system “Cortana,” It works just like Google’s “now” and Apple’s digital secretary “Siri’s.” It also has a biometric authentication function called “Windows you good ” or “windows hello”, which allows users to log into their operating system without a password.

Another new feature, called “continuum” will connect a variety of Windows-based devices, including tablets, smart phones and personal computers, as well as control of Xbox consoles in between, share data with different devices.


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