Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta Urges African Nations To Open Borders

March 17, 2023 11:58 pm6 commentsViews: 231

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged all the Africans to demand for equal treatment on unfair and illegitimate international order while getting engaged with other countries.


He warned the international community that all the countries in the continent must exercise equal rights related to sovereignty in rejecting commitments as Africa as a whole has always accepted the sovereign decisions of other nations.

Kenyatta added further while addressing during the second annual Diplomatic Forum on Saturday night organized by the Diplomatic corps in Uganda all the African countries accepted Britons have the right to opt for Brexit, withdrawing of United Kingdom from European Union, but in their case while exercising the sovereign will there have been barrage of voices telling they can’t do it.

The president mentioned stability and peace will be realized across the world when countries engage as partners.

He continued, “Even in the face of an international order stacked against us, built on our backs, Africans have made painful progress. For our partners from around the world, let it be clear that we are partners. Mutual respect is what we seek.”

Kenyatta urged all the African nations to open borders, hike trades, connect people, support innovation and promote African knowledge to compete with rest of the world.


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