Learning to Play Guitar as an Adult

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Playing classical guitar, which involves studying music theory and styles, requires taking lessons from a qualified instructor. With a a little diligence and determination, however, most other styles can be self taught.

Learning to Play Guitar as an Adult

Buying a Guitar, a Big Decision

When shopping for that first guitar, be sure to enlist the aid of a music savvy relative or friend. Otherwise, talk to a guitar shop’s music instructor. This is an important decision, so be sure to make use of all available the resources . Many Internet sites like abclearnguitar.com, offer excellent advice on shopping for that first instrument.

Surprisingly, a guitar case is often not included in the purchase of a new guitar. Soft shell or hard case is another decision to be made. Hard shell cases are more durable, but are heavier to carry. For a child or a smaller person, a soft shell case may be the best choice.

Used instruments are also an option. Often people buy an expensive guitar for themselves or their child with good intentions that fall by the wayside. A good quality used guitar is a better bargain than a cheaper new one. Again, be careful and ask for advice.

Teach Yourself to Play Guitar

For students learning to play from scratch, there are dozens of books, videos and CD-ROM guitar tutorials that offer clear, concise, step-by-step instructions.

Many musicians prefer to play an acoustic guitar with metal strings claiming metal has a purer, louder tone. However, a beginning student may find metal too painful on the fingers, at least until some calluses form on the tips. If this is discouraging, consider buying nylon strings or the lightest metal strings. An electric guitar with light metal strings is another alternative.

Once the basics have been mastered, buy a songbook of favorite, easy to learn songs. Country, Pop, Rock and Roll, Blues, the choices are endless. But, be sure to start off with the simplest tunes. Some early Beatles melodies are easily mastered, but their later works involve complicated chord and rhythm patterns which may prove difficult at the onset.

Guitar Music Lessons Another Option

If trying to learn without lessons proves too daunting, don’t hesitate to take guitar lessons. A qualified Instructor will offer encouragement and help match students’ skills to their taste in music.

Take every opportunity you can to watch other guitar players, but don’t be intimidated. Realize, they have taken years to reach that level of expertise. Rejoice in even the smallest achievement. A song as simple as, Mary had a Little Lamb, may sound a bit ragged at first, but with practice the notes will become stronger and clearer.

Have Fun Playing Guitar at any Age

Whatever your choices, be sure to relax and enjoy the experience. Age is no barrier to gaining a new skill. The American Music Therapy Association advises that, “Music helps all types of people remain forever young.”


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