Liberia Goes On Presidential Poll In October

April 18, 2023 2:02 pm50 commentsViews: 133

Liberia is going for polls in October this year after the stepping down of President, Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who is the first elected female leader in Africa and she has peacefully led the country for a decade, her two constitutional terms.

The lengthy civil war in Liberia ended in 2003 and now the look for new president is based on such person who can continue the lead the country as peacefully as it was over the past more than 10 years period.

Meanwhile, eleven people have registered to contest for the post including an ex-model, a soft drinks millionaire, a football superstar, a central banker and career politicians.

Experts are unable to predict who could be the favorite of people in October as it is too early to say anything. Successful candidates need to prove that they can succeed where the president and her Unity Party failed. It is to prove the person can tackle corruption, delivering more robust peace, strengthening several aspects of security and rebuilding the country.

Vice-President Joseph Boakai too is in the race and he claims to have tested the water and have good chance of winning the presidential election.

The 72-year-old says he knows how to solve the ongoing problems of countrymen.


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