Lightweight Sleeper And Papsan Chairs

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Lightweight Sleeper Chairs

These convenient chairs (which are sometimes marketed as “teen chairs” or ‘wedge chairs”) are a no-frills version of large foldout chairs that can double as a bed. These small chairs are generally made out of cotton and foam, and fold out to make a sleeping surface that’s just a bit smaller than a twin sized bed. Sleeper chairs come in lots of different colors, so they’re an easy way to add color to a room. They’re also small and lightweight enough to shove into a closet, or probably under a bed.

For students planning on having friends from home sleeping over now and then, these chairs can be very handy (although check the weight limit, as these chairs work better for smaller people). They’re also useful for a comfortable napping place, or a space to lounge on while studying. A disadvantage is that these chairs generally are not constructed for long term use, despite the fact that they can run a few hundred bucks.

Papsan Chairs

A papasan chair is a bowl-shaped chair that’s often made out of wicker or wood base and topped with a big round cushion seat. Papasans were very trendy back in the 1970s and have kind of a retro feel, but they’ve never gone completely out of style because they’re very cozy. A papasan chair is a great place to read, seat a guest, or even take a nap.

Unfortunately, papasan chairs aren’t quite as convenient as other popular dorm chair options. They’re big and bulky, which means they’re harder to move and won’t fit easily into a small dorm room. Decent papasan chairs that won’t fall apart quickly generally run at least a few hundred dollars, although cheap fold up ones that aren’t as comfortable can be purchased for less than $50.

Dorm rooms aren’t the friendliest looking spaces, and there’s nothing like a comfortable chair to make the place more like a home. Beanbag chairs, sleeper chairs, and papasans are all reasonable inexpensive and convenient ways to add seating and color to a college student’s room.


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