Maduro alleges US trying to destabilize Venezuela

January 23, 2023 11:05 am5 commentsViews: 51

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Friday United States is trying to destabilize the country and the opposition is trying to create a political theatre by trying to bring aid.

Adding further the president said his government should have full control over the Venezuelan borders and Venezuelan imports.

Maduro continued further saying, “Any material that comes from outside the country must be subject to certain conditions such as inspection and taxes as in all countries, whether by air, sea or land, and then there will be no problems.”

Opposition leader Juan Guaido earlier announced humanitarian aids will arrive to the country on February 23.

Guaido is a self-declared president of Venezuela and called Maduro’s presidency as illegitimate.

Alleging Guaido of staging a US-backed coup Maduro said, “The theatrical presentation they are attempting on February 23 will not happen.”

Earlier this week Guaido said the Venezuelan armed forces should allow the aid to enter the country.

Maduro has support of about fifty UN-member countries while 65 countries are backing Guaido.

Citing the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq the president criticized European nations for supporting US military intervention in Venezuela.

He said, “Was it necessary to intervene militarily in Iraq and divide it and kill millions of its people?”


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