Maldives Reaches Saudi Arabia, China To Help In Political Crisis

February 7, 2018 12:12 am22 commentsViews: 78

Amid immense political crisis the Maldives President Abdulla Yameen has decided to reach out to friendly countries like China, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, but close neighboring nation India is not included.

The president’s office announced its envoys will visit the countries and “provide updates on the current situation”.

Just ahead of Yameen’s announcement China had warned against military intervention in the Maldives cautioning that such step could complicate the situation there. It is believed the advice is aimed to Indian policy as exiled former Maldivian president Mohamed Nasheed has appealed several times to send “envoy, backed by its military” to release political leaders and judges from the jail.

New Delhi asked the tiny islands’ government on Tuesday, through a statement, to abide the order of the Supreme Court without referring to Nasheed’s appeals.

India has always tried to push back the influence of China in Maldives over the past several decades, but Yameen, after coming to power in 2013, has drawn close to China and Saudi Arabia, which resulted with investment by both the countries.

The latest crisis started last week after the president refused to comply the verdict of the apex court to release the opposition leaders including exiled Nasheed.

The opposition leaders claim corruptions have been seen under the Yameen government and they have evidence to it. The president has however denied all such allegations.

Yameen became president of Maldives in 2013 and is now under international pressure to abide to Supreme Court’s order. He is facing elections in October this year.

Nasheed stepped down in 2012 and since then the Indian Ocean island chain country of around 400,000 people is experiencing political unrest.


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