Man Breaks Dozen iPhones At French Apple Store

March 17, 2023 8:40 am1 commentViews: 155

A man probably was a big fan of Samsung. If not, he was with political leanings toward summary violence. Whatever. He did something which was not expected by anyone. At least Apple expect something to happen like this.


He walked into a French Apple store and started smashing iPhones, as many as he could get or find. He destroyed MacBook too.

He had a petanque ball too and is not understood why he was carrying it. Was it the man had been playing with his friends at a country house or he purposely brought it to the store to wreak destruction.

He even had a cream glove with him and this was probably to have a perfect grip.

@Quentin_IOS shared a video on Twitter of the destruction being done by the man. However, the video was later taken down, but still can be viewed on YouTube.

It is believed the man had requested for a refund and he was refused by the store.

The unnamed man was heard saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, Apple is a company that violated European consumers’ rights.”

Later the man was accosted by security personnel though in between he tried to run away, but the effort was wasted.

Apple has not yet commented anything directly yet, but it released an ad on Thursday that encouraged customers to express themselves better.


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