Minnesota Mother’s One Dauther Dies After Separation Surgery Of The Conjoined Twin

April 26, 2023 4:31 pm17 commentsViews: 139

Minnesota mother of conjoined twin is going through the toughest time in her life as one of the babies has not survived the separation surgery.

Minnesota Mother's One Dauther Dies After Separation Surgery Of The Conjoined Tween

Amber McCuloough know her one child will not survive as the two were joined at abdomen, sharing couple of organs.

The two new born are named as Hannah and Olivia. After about five hours of surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Olivia was not able to survive.

The hospital said conjoined twins are very rare and is seen once among 50,000 deliveries.

McCullough knew her one baby would not survive and so she starting sharing her feelings on Facebook. In one of her posts she said to have full believes in the power of prayer and also in the talents of medical professional.

She wrote on Facebook even though Olivia lived for just few hours, but she has leave some magical moments.


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