More Unusual Valentine Gift Ideas

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Let Valentine’s Day bring out the little kid in you and your sweetheart by giving your gift in a surprising style. Make the whole day special by starting it with breakfast in bed and then follow it with a non-traditional style of gift giving.

Scavenger Hunt Variations

Have a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. Start by hand-delivering your sweetheart the first clue and watch the adventure unfold. Place a small gift with each additional clue, setting the final one somewhere romantic or unexpected. For instance, place it in the bathroom where a prepared bubble bath, a cup of your love’s favorite beverage, and candlelight await your sweetheart.

Instead of having your scavenger hunt at home, have it at the mall. Plan ahead by placing a clue with salespeople at your sweetheart’s favorite stores. Along with each clue, have a pre-purchased item waiting to show your love.

A third variation on this theme is to have a scavenger hunt in which each clue is spread out at various stops throughout your hometown. Place the final clue at a romantic restaurant where a special dinner awaits.
Gifts by Surprise

Hide a jewelry box filled with your sweetheart’s desire inside a love jar filled with candies such as candy hearts.

E-mail an on-line gift card to your sweetheart instead of giving it in person.

Have a neighbor child deliver your sweetheart’s gift to your front door.

Place a gift in an unusual place. Some places to consider are in the underwear drawer, in the refrigerator, or inside one of your sweetheart’s shoes.

Leave a trail around your house using rose petals, candy hearts, or handmade hearts with messages inside. Have the trail lead somewhere unexpected where a gift awaits.

Write your message of love in a special code, including clues on how to decipher it. For instance, assign a number or a symbol to each letter of the alphabet.

Create a crossword puzzle card using questions and answers about memories you have shared.

Start by taking note of your sweetheart’s likes and dislikes, which will help to determine not only what type of gift will win over her heart, but also how to present it to her. Showing love is not only about material objects, but letting your sweetheart know that you love her enough to know who she is.

Carry on the tradition of romance which blossomed from the history of Valentine’s Day by using any of these ideas or coming up with one of your own.


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