Muhammadu Sanusi Warns Buhari To Be Away From Flatterers

March 19, 2023 11:11 am17 commentsViews: 65

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari should not be praised by singers and sycophants as they are the real enemies and can even destroy his efforts, said Emir of Kano Muhammadu Sanusi II.

He urged Buhari the people in his government are surrounded by enemies and he feel sorry for them.

Talking about his resignation as Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Sanusi said it was a directive by Goodluck Jonathan administration as he blew the whistle of missing $20 billion oil money.

Sanusi added Buhari need such people around him who can tell where he is wrong.

The Emir chaired the 10th Kehinde Sofola (SAN) memorial lecture in Lagos. He said power was transient and he has spoken the truth irrespective of consequences. Others are afraid to speak the truth against evil believing to be losing their jobs.

He added not been surprised to be suspended by former President Jonathan.

Sanusi continued, “All the people they were afraid of years ago, where are they today? For those who are still in power, remember that it is transient.”

He recalled praising singers when he was on job and they always told him he would rule forever.

He said, “At the end of the day, this job, Central Bank, I’d leave it someday. I could die, or my tenure expires, or I’d be sacked. I had no control over it. But I have a control over how I live.”

The Emir further mentioned people who loot public funds and steal commonwealth forget there’s limit to everything.


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