Must Follow Practices for a Business Traveler

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Business travel is increasing exponentially since past one decade due to the rise in business and networking opportunities and traveling. A frequent business traveler has a difficult life which may not be evident to outsiders. It is time taking, exhausts our energy, and may leave us feeling grumpy and frustrated. Also, there’s much scope for unexpected hitches popping out of nowhere. A business traveler must follow some smart practices to make their trip convenient and rewarding.


One of the biggest challenges for a business traveler is finding accommodation. With so many options in the metropolises of India, finding a hotel can be an arduous process. Let’s say you are traveling to Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India for a business trip. Even though there is no dearth of 5 star hotels in Bangalore, finding one that suits your requirements can be achallenging task. However, if you browse websites like Yatra, MakeMyTrip, Trivago, Ibibo and more, you will find many hotels curated for your needs. Reserving a hotel in advance will save you both time and money.


It is highly recommended to plan your schedule in advance, provided you have the dates for your meeting. Planning everything in advance saves money, will probably keep your stress level at bay. If you leave everything for the last day, you will be stressed out by the time you reach the airport. It can also lead to forgetting a thing or two!


Pack light and carry only what is necessary, after all a smart business traveler is a happy business traveler. Since a business traveler should accomplish more in less time, it is imperative to carry as less as required. Also, carrying a light bag will ensure you can avoid checking in your luggage. A single bag is easier to carry, and one can move quite swiftly.


If you have booked flights from travel websites like Yatra, MakeMyTrip or others, we are sure you will get the best price. However, there’s more to this situation, and it becomes necessary to check-in online before heading to the airport. Since you can get stuck in traffic jams and long security queues you can very well miss your flight and that money you saved on booking a cheap flight will have no significance. If you want to avoid unexpected delays, make sure to check-in online.


When going on a business trip, never choose the cheapest flight. A cheap flight is more likely a connecting flight which will take more time to reach. You will end up wasting time with a connecting flight, so it is advisable to pay a premium for a direct flight. Your journey will be hassle free, and you will be less stressed out when you reach your destination. If you are a regular business traveler, make sure you show brand loyalty to your airline. There are usually credits allotted to frequent fliers which they can redeem against a ticket or other benefits. So, book a direct flight the next time you are traveling!

Following these practices will add value your business travel, and will help you with stress. Always remember these tips and make your trip less hectic.Here’s a list of belongings you need to carry when traveling on a business trip!

• Documents
• Cash
Credit Cards
• Power Adaptors, Portable Power Bank
• Travel size toiletries
• Medicines, if any
• Mobile Internet
• Business Cards

Do not forget to carry these things. Book your hotel or flights from travel websites like Yatra, MakeMyTrip, GoIbibo, Trivago or more. You will get best deals, and it will save you money. A smart traveler follows these practices, what’s stopping you?


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