New Zealand’s Taupo: The Best Place to be for Summer

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Tucked away in the middle of the North Island and cuddled by a colossal lake, lies one of the major events destinations in New Zealand.

New Zealand's Taupo

Summer is here which means Taupo’s events calendar is heating up.

Someone Who Knows

Taupo resident Caitlin Madden, 21, who moved to Taupo in November 2009, knows the benefits of being in the town during the summer.

“It is a great place to be during the summer. There is always some type of event happening in the summer, you have the rodeo, Taupo2 is happening and then there is the Winery Tour. There is something for everyone at the Amphitheatre (Riverside Park & Unison).”

While many of the events over the summer are sports oriented, there are plenty of activities to choose from including art exhibitions and music concerts.

Caitlin is no stranger to thrill seeking.

As a journalist at the Taupo Times, Caitlin took part in an adventure series, which saw her participate in exciting activities Taupo has to offer while documenting her experiences. Marked off on her checklist was a skydive with Taupo Tandem Skydiving, fishing on Lake Taupo, and trying out Action World Taupo.

The Beauty of Taupo

With the summer sun glaring down from the sky and Lake Taupo’s waters sparkling, Taupo is beautiful during this season. The town is situated on the shore of Lake Taupo, New Zealand’s largest lake, and is home to around 22,300 people.

In the northeast part of the lake, it discharges to the Waikato River, and the river moves over the famous Huka Falls, which is north of Taupo. Taupo is also a hub of volcanic and geothermal activity and hot springs are also available to bathe in.

Taupo is spectacular because of its idyllic setting.

The secluded bush, inviting waters and panoramic views makes it a relaxed oasis. Everyone travelling this summer should mark Taupo on their map to enjoy the town’s blissful serenity.


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