No One Ready To Bid For Acquiring Twitter

March 17, 2023 11:20 am3 commentsViews: 92

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff lately revealed his company is not interested in acquiring Twitter. Google and Disney too seems got no plan to bid on the social platform, if believed to some reliable reports.


Recode has added Apple is out of picture from the bid and Verizon has dismissed all such speculations that tells the company may buy Twitter.

Facebook had earlier said to CNBC not in the line to acquire the micro blogging site. Microsoft too may not be interested as it is an increasingly enterprise-focused company.

So, it now sounds like no one is interested in buying Twitter and this means the possibility of acquisition appears to be over as of now.

If this turns to be true, Twitter will be more on pressure to figure out a way to restart user growth.

Over the past year the user growth has been negative from stalled to slow. Same with the revenue part too. The company found slow revenue growth and it is not yet known how warmly users will embrace the live video.

It is to note here Twitter will be streaming some live events such as NFL games and presidential debates.


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