North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan Most Corrupt In The World: Report

January 25, 2017 7:43 am0 commentsViews: 512

Transparency International has come up with a list that reveals world’s most corrupt countries in the world. Surprisingly North Korea tops it with Somalia and South Sudan placed as first runner and second runner-up.

The report claims Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world.

United Kingdom is ranked 10th alongside Germany and Luxembourg. It is also warned if standards are weakened post-Brexit the ranking may differ. Britain may go up.

Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Singapore, the Netherlands and Canada are listed in the top 10 place os the world’s most corrupt nations list.

Australia is at the 13th place and United States at 18th.

In 2015 US was at the 16th place and worrying signs of populism is also warned in the Donald Trump’s presidential victory.

The research body also warned UK could fall out of the top 10 if the country fails in delivering a promised national Anti-Corruption Strategy.

UK executive director Robert Barrington said, “Already, the uncertainty posed by Brexit has the potential to encourage a ‘business at any cost’ trade strategy; such an approach would be a disaster for UK’s long-term reputation as a leading anti-corruption player.”

Argentina meanwhile shifted from 32 to 36 following the end of 12 years of populist rule by electing centrist Mauricio Macri in 2015.


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