North Korean Diplomat Linked With Kim Jong Un’s Half-Brother Murder

March 19, 2023 3:14 am7 commentsViews: 59

In the investigation of death of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s estranged half-brother in Malaysia the Kuala Lampur embassy reveals no poison was used.

Malaysian investigators are also finger pointing to a senior North Korean diplomat in connection to the murder of Kim Jong Nam.

A total of two North Korean suspects have been listed so far and Malaysian Inspector General said the North Korean regime is behind the attacks.

Kim Jong Nam died at Kuala Lumpur International Airport last week and initial report suggested he was poisoned by two women who were seen approaching at him shortly before his death. Police has taken into custody both the women apart from a man and a taxi driver.

Four other men are being suspected who have left the country on the same day. Police is looking ahead to be speaking to those four men.

The two detained women are Vietnam and Indonesia nationals. They applied a type of liquid to Kim’s face.

However, North Korean embassy in Kuala Lumpur debunked the theory of police saying the liquid was not a poison and cause of death could be something else.

The embassy has called for the women’s release saying, “How is it possible that these female suspects could be alive after the incident.”


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