North Korean Vessels Not Flying Tanzanian Flag: Zanzibar Maritime Authority

March 17, 2023 1:28 pm0 commentsViews: 290

Earlier it was alleged some of the ships from North Korea carried Tanzanian flag in violation of international sanctions on Pyongyang. However, the claim was denied on Wednesday.


Calling the allegations to be void the Zanzibar Maritime Authority director-general Abdullah Hussein said Tanzania abides by the UN resolutions that target North Korea with sanctions over ballistic missiles programs and nuclear weapons.

Research and analysis group NK News said earlier this month about fifty vessels either linked to North Korea or owned by the country have been flying Tanzanian flag since March this year.

All such ships alleged to be carrying Tanzanian flag instead of North Korea’s are believed to be registered by the Tanzania Zanzibar International Register of Shipping under the Zanzibar Maritime Authority.

Meanwhile, it is also learned Tanzania has been acting accordingly by deregistering all such vessels. In 2013 it was also alleged some Iranian ships were flying Tanzanian flag.

UN panel of experts accused North Korea for attempting to conceal the origin of its ships.

The UN had also singled out Ocean Maritime Management Company Ltd. of North Korea for operating through foreign-flagged vessels.

The UN Security Council approved one of the toughest sanctions earlier this year on North Korea due to continued nuclear tests.


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