Obama Urges Trump To Continue His Policy For Russia

November 17, 2016 2:12 pm0 commentsViews: 40

United States President Barack Obama urged the President-elect Donald Trump not to disrupt his policy for Russia and for the sake of expediency never to fall into the trap of short-term deals with rival power.


The PM said Trump should opt for taking a constructive approach with Russia and it should also be in the areas to cooperate with the rival where values and interests of their align.

He said, “My hope is that he does not simply take a real political approach” in cutting deals and doing “whatever’s convenient at the time.”

This is the first time Obama’s comments on Russia is most extensive one after the election campaign that was influenced by reports about involvement of Russia in hacking of emails.

The meeting between Obama and Trump also covered some hot issues like Islamic State, Ukraine and Syria. They also discussed about migration, trade, border issues and climate change.

Both the leaders shared optimistic vision for a different strategy on globalization.

Earlier Chancellor Angela Markel said in Berlin following Obama’s visit the globalization needs to be shaped politically and to be given a human face.


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