Overseas Travel Planning Tips

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Overseas travel planning tips include ideas for what to pack, last-minute to-dos to square away and what to bring for a comfortable flight to another country. International travel planning ideas make every business trip better.

Overseas Business Travel Guide

Trip insurance protects business travelers from unplanned emergencies. Include buying trip insurance when planning overseas business travel.
On the home front, ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out for deliveries and to report any suspicious activity while you’re traveling. Hold mail through the USPS website at least two days before leaving for overseas business travel.
Review itineraries for meetings and after-work activity before leaving on an international business trip. Using the itinerary, review the standard packing list and decide if anything extra is needed for overseas business travel.

International Travel Planning Tips

At work, change email and voicemail to indicate the dates of the business trip. Let colleagues know in advance about the days out of the office and that email is the best method of contact for the duration of the trip.
The day of the trip, flight times should be checked and double-checked. Plan to arrive two hours before departure for international flights.
Empty the refrigerator, take out the garbage and recycling and set timers on lights in front of windows the night before traveling. Turn down the thermostat before leaving for business travel overseas.
Be aware of current TSA guidelines for what’s allowed in carry-on bags. In general, liquids must be kept to a minimum and stowed in clear plastic bags.

International Corporate Travel

An international corporate travel checklist isn’t complete without some attention to traveler’s comfort on long flights. Keep necks secure with a blow-up pillow and backs safe with the LUMBARWEAR® Ladies’ Short during the flight. LumbarWear provides girdle-like support with a twist; the undergarment also helps support the back, critical during international corporate travel.
Books, an MP3 player and magazines make long flights fly by. Catching up on office work that never seems to get done in the office can also help make international corporate travel more productive. Organizing files, starting to complete expense reports and updating a calendar are excellent ways to pass the time during international corporate travel.
An updated address book in Outlook or in a journal means postcards can be mailed home from every place visited.

International Business Travel Tips

An electronic translator can be a business traveler’s best friend in a foreign country. Whip out the translator as needed to navigate transportation, shopping and of course, finding the way back to a hotel.
Manicures and pedicures should be kept simple during international business travel. Nail polish remover is difficult to travel with, since it seems to be one of the liquid products almost guaranteed to leak — or explode — during a long trip. A PedEgg™ easily slips into luggage to keep feet feeling polished while overseas.
Water and heaps of moisturizer keep business travelers hydrated during long flights. The best skin care products keep international travelers thoroughly moisturized during an extended trip overseas. The new Chapstick® True Shimmer™ products keep lips soft and supple while adding a hint of color.
Plans for business travel overseas might include converting funds. Currency exchange converters are typically available at international airports, hotels and stores. Look for department stores like Marks & Spencer that don’t charge visitors a fee for currency exchange.
Include time for immunizations when planning international business travel. Shots may be required for entrance into some countries. Find out which countries require immunizations by checking the country’s tourism website.


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