Various Health Benefits of Drinking Peppermint Tea

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Peppermint is a cross between spearmint and water mint. It is naturally a part of the Mint family. Peppermint has been used for over 40 years in Asia and Europe because of its minty and pleasant taste and health benefits.

It is used widely for flavoring in candies, breath mints, and other such foods. Moreover, it is also consumed widely as a refreshing caffeine-free tea.

Peppermint tea is highly beneficial for your body as it is highly rich in essential oils like limonene, menthone, and menthol.

Due to the presence of menthol in peppermint, the tea is rich in cooling properties and famous for its minty scent. Peppermint tea is widely considered to be appropriate as a flavor, but there are certain health benefits of drinking peppermint tea which prove that it is good for you.

So, in this article, we have mentioned some of the most efficient benefits of drinking peppermint tea that you must be aware of.

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May improve the digestive system.

Peppermint may be good for you if you are facing any digestive symptoms like indigestion, bloating, or gas.

There have been several studies conducted on animals that tell us that peppermint tea is effective up to a substantial amount in easing digestive upsets and lowering pain.

It is also effective in smoothening the muscles from flexing which is the reason for spasms in your gut.

As per another study that included 72 people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), it was identified that after the consumption of peppermint oil capsules, symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome reduced by about 40% in four weeks compared to mere 24.3% through a placebo.

Additionally, it is scientifically backed that peppermint tea can be good for decreasing the severity, length, and frequency of abdominal pain.

May be effective in relieving migraines and tension headaches

As we have mentioned in the above benefit, peppermint as a whole is highly effective in relaxing the muscles and relieving pain. Due to this property, peppermint tea can be used to cure certain kinds of headaches.

Menthol present in peppermint oil is responsible for increasing the circulation of blood and providing the cooling sensation that would ultimately ease the pain.

A study conducted on 35 people that were suffering from migraine, it was found that after the application of peppermint oil to their forehead and temples, their pain was significantly decreased just after 2 hours.

Make improve your breath

Many of the other benefits may be frowned upon in the scientific world, but the Aroma that peppermint team consist cannot be denied. Due to this particular quality, it is highly effective in freshening your breath.

As per a study that included people that just underwent spine surgery, who were provided a paste made up of lemon oils and peppermint tea, it was found that there were massive improvements in their bad breath symptoms in a comparatively shorter period of time.

May improve concentration

Drinking peppermint can provide a lot of health benefits for you if you are not able to concentrate and focus.

As per a study that included 24 healthy people that were facing concentration and focus issues, it was found that after consumption of peppermint oil capsules, their cognitive test came out significantly better than before.

Get rid of seasonal allergies

Peppermint tea is rich in rosmarinic acid which is the plant compound present in Rosemary and other plants in the Mint family.

Rosemary acid is highly effective in reducing the symptoms of allergic reactions like asthma, itchy eyes, and runny nose.

There was one study that was conducted over 29 participants who were suffering from seasonal allergies, it was found that after they were provided supplement based on rosmarinic acid for 21 days, symptoms of an itchy nose and other allergic reactions were significantly reduced compared to a placebo.

May aid in weight loss

Peppermint tea is good for you if you are looking to lose some weight quickly. It is calorie-free and has a flavor that makes it sufficiently placed as one of the best items to consume on your weight loss journey.

As per a study that included 13 healthy people in the US found that after those guys have been consuming a peppermint oil capsule for some days their appetite was reduced significantly.

All of these claims are still not very strong and further human research and studies are called for.

Assist in improving your sleep

There are many people that are addicted to caffeine before going to bed and that negatively impacts their sleep schedule.

Peppermint tea is a highly suitable alternative because of its muscle relaxant properties.

Yet again, there is not much scientific evidence to prove this benefit, but as per certain studies conducted on mice, there were some positive lights in this regard.

In the same study, it was found that peppermint oil is not much of a use in this regard.

Assist in fighting bacterial infections

Due to the lack of studies and research conducted on peppermint oil or tea, we cannot specifically point out its benefits. There have been some studies that prove the effectiveness of peppermint oil in killing bacteria.

Moreover, some other studies also indicate that peppermint is also effective in fighting against different types of bacteria harboring in your mouth.

Most of these antibacterial benefits are linked to the presence of menthol in peppermint tea.

May improve energy

Peppermint tea is also good for you if you are looking to increase your overall energy levels and decrease daytime fatigue.

Although there are no specific studies that demonstrate how the components of the peppermint can positively affect body energy, there has been one study where 24 healthy young people, it was found that those guys experienced significantly lesser fatigue after they were given peppermint oil capsules.

May relieve menstrual cramps

Most of these health benefits of peppermint tea are linked to the presence of muscle relaxant properties in it. In the same fashion, peppermint tea is designed to be effective in relieving menstrual cramps.

As per a study that included 127 women with painful cramps, it was found that peppermint extract was highly efficient in reducing the intensity and duration of their pain and acting as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

However, more studies are required in this regard

Pro Tip: You can drink peppermint tea in combination with buttermilk products as this is the best way to get the most amount of the benefits of these two types of healthy food.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of health benefits of drinking peppermint tea that support our claim that peppermint tea is good for you.

Although the benefits of peppermint tea are highly promising, more studies and research on this tea is required.

So, what do you think? Do you find these health benefits of peppermint tea impressive? Do let us know using the comments section down below.


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