Philippine Suspends Uber, GrabCar For 20 Days

Philippine Suspends Uber GrabCar For 20 Days
Philippine Suspends Uber GrabCar For 20 Days

Uber services have been suspended in Philippine capital Manila for 20 days pending a hearing next week that will decide a ban petition.

Philippine Suspends Uber, GrabCar For 20 Days

A Philippine court ordered Friday the suspension of operations of all the ride-sharing companies in the capital including Uber and GrabCar temporarily.

If a ban is ordered, it will further add up to Uber’s struggles against regulatory and competitive obstacles in many cities across the world.

The Philippines was one of the first countries to regulate app-based services and help in bringing to system inadequate mass transport in the most congested city in Southeast Asia after Jakarta.

Blocking permission to ply on Manila streets the court said, “There is extreme urgency to issue a temporary restraining order to the petitioner to prevent grave and irreparable injury and damages because their claim that they suffer less or low incomes and earnings is found to be persuasive.”

Uber on the other hand said they are expecting to get all the required permits from the Philippine government to keep their cabs running in Manila.

The Stop and Go Coalition’s leader, Jun Magno, said income of taxi drivers have been cut down by half due to app-based transport that fails to follow tariffs imposed by the government.

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