PKK Attacks Turkey Airport With Rocket-Propelled Grenade

August 27, 2016 11:11 pm0 commentsViews: 63

The Kurds attacked a civilian airport Diyarbakir in southeast Turkey launching a rocket-propelled grenade. No injuries have been reported and damage to the infrastructure is reported to be of minor level like the windows at the VIP passenger entrance.

PKK Attacks Turkey Airport With Rocket-Propelled Grenade

Local news media report writes the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) targeted a police checkpoint and passengers have been taken to safety following the assault.

Inbound and outbound flights were temporarily paused, but later the services were resumed after a brief police investigation. A search for the perpetrators is in process.

Peace process between the government and PKK members collapsed last year in July after two years of abiding to it and since then violence has been frequent with security forces, killing over 600 Turkish security personnel and thousands of PKK militants. Hundreds of civilians too have been killed.

Earlier this week a Kurdish truck laden with explosives rammed into a southeast checkpoint near a police station. About a dozen Turkish police officers were killed and 78 people were injured.

Over the period of past several weeks the Turkey-Syrian border has seen several deadly attacks and Turkey has sent tanks across it fight against the ISIS and also halt the advance of Syrian Kurdish groups to the country.


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