Political Scientists Say Tanzanians’ Hardship Based On Not Living Within Means

April 17, 2023 2:54 am56 commentsViews: 325

The real cause of hardship is not living within the means for Tanzanians, said economists and political scientists.

It is suggested people should not fail in doing so otherwise 2017 would be difficult to navigate amid lots of projects announced by the President John Magufuli for the development of the country and relying less on foreign aids.

Professor Haji Semboja of the University of Dar es Salaam urged people to change and must overcome lacking discipline in financial matters.

He added, “You live with three people in your home doing nothing. The day you take them to the shamba they start complaining of life hardship. If that is the definition of hardship let it continue.”

He further mentioned the real economic hardship is based on global phenomenon as lately most of the world economies have been shaking.

The professor reminded the country now has a determined leader who wants to make effective all the systems and institutions which were built in past two decades but were lying idel, non-effective.

He urged the common people should not worry as the country is now moving away from a phase that mostly depended on foreign assistance for development. Tanzania is paving way to become self-reliance for development.

He also challenged the government to empower the youth that will result with more development.


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