Record Shopping To Be Seen On Black Friday Weekend

March 18, 2023 1:22 am3 commentsViews: 95

The best bargains of the year are now available, during the Black Friday shopping week and shoppers of all type could be seen either lined up at retail outlets or flocked to their computer, smartphone or tablet screens clicking on some e-stores.


The retail industry in the United States are at boom every year at this time of the year and experts believe this time it there will be a record sales weekend as the trend so far shows shoppers are ready to open their wallets due to a generally strong economy and rising stock market as well.

Major store chains across the US have already played their card by offering dramatic discounts on their traffic-building “doorbuster” opening specials.

Online sales looked more vigorous this time and are expected to surpass $3 billion, which is for the first time ever of course. If Thanksgiving Day sales are added with the Black Friday sales, the online shopping is expected to be nearer to $5 billion, which is an 11.4 percent increase over last year’s.

It is further learned the sales generated from mobile devices is to top $1 billion, which is also for the first time ever. This mean more people are inclined towards smartphones and tablets while shopping online.

So, have fun shopping during the weekend and don’t take it too seriously. Save some bucks and enjoy the holiday.


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