Relieve Acne With Vitamin A

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Vitamin A is a fat soluble nutrient that is also called Retinol because of it being commonly found in the retina of the eye. Aside from vitamin A being very good for a strong, healthy body, it is also a necessity for everyday tasks, such as driving at night.

Benefits of Vitamin A

Having a proper amount of vitamin A allows for the eyes to adjust to changes in the dark and light, making many things that a person often takes for granted easier.

In addition to this, vitamin A also aids in good skin health and appearance, helping relieve acne. While helping one put her best face forward, she’ll also be getting a great immunity boost, whether its through a multivitamin or healthy foods.

Foods Vitamin A is Found in

Vitamin A-rich foods include:

-egg yolk
-cheddar cheese

Along with these foods, it can also be found in foods that are full of beta-carotene, because beta-carotene converts into vitamin A. These foods include:

-sweet potato

This is very important to know because too much vitamin A can be as damaging as not having enough.

Effects of Too Much Vitamin A

Taking too much of any vitamin can have negative effects. In the case of vitamin A, it has been linked to fractures in postmenopausal women. Additionally, since this nutrient does not simply pass through the body like water soluble vitamins such as vitamin C, it is up to the liver to rid the body of the excess that can be stored for as short as a day and as long as a month or more.

Since vitamin A is stored in the body’s fat tissue, it can shine through in odd ways. One could find themselves losing hair as a result of vitamin A toxicity or gaining an orange hue on his palms or soles, not to mention anywhere else.

Additionally, too much of any fat soluble vitamin makes it hard on the liver, which may already be working overtime in the event that the body doesn’t have enough water (leading the liver to assist the kidneys) or if the person is also on medication or uses drugs and/or alcohol.

With all the benefits vitamin A offers, such as better vision, and how easy it is to get it by way of good food or supplements, it should be regularly incorporated into a family’s diet through healthy snacks like carrots and boiled eggs, or at meals, such as cereal and milk, helping good days be great with fair nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.


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